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Daily Prompt: Retreat

Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat

” What do you think we should do now?”, said Hannah.

“I don’t know.” said Denny

“I  had least thought about it.”

” Do you think we should abort the baby?”


” We can’t manage to have him right now in our life, its too early!!”

“Yeah, It’s just three months!”

” Just three months? What do you mean just three months? That isn’t a big deal, you think so?”

” Oh, Please Hannah…..only you lured me into it.”

“Wait, What? I lured you? Didn’t we do it by choice. We both decided on it.”

( Denny bangs the door and leaves the room…..making Hannah more distressed. It was not the first time that Hannah had been distressed but this time her distress was genuinely reasonable. She couldn’t think of anything, any plan or idea. It was the last year of college and she had no idea of what was she doing about her life other than being pregnant.)

[After a month]

” What have you thought of now Hannah.?” asked Denny

” Oh please you don’t ask, its totally my choice now. You had banged the door as if you had nothing to do with the baby.” said Hannah.

” I’m sorry! I didn’t know what to do or how to react that time. And, its our baby.”

“Get lost please. I’ve told my mom about it and she has asked me to let the embryo grow.”

“What? Your mom knows about it? Didn’t she…… ?”

“Yeah, can you please leave? I don’t want to talk. It’s fine if I focus on my entrance and  my baby afterwards.”

( There was nothing better than retreating the problem and thinking of something better rather than letting the baby take birth but Denny didn’t have an authority over the unborn baby because he didn’t hold himself responsible for the same.)

[ After five more months]

(Hannah had cleared her  exam. She was not getting admission in the desired college but she was still getting the one where both Denny and her had graduated from.  On the other hand, the baby had taken his entry into the world but only had his mother’s hands to take care. )