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The polished boot

The polished boot

Do you see those pink boots there? Get them polished and also give these clothes to the tailor. You also have to bring some groceries Tina. And, why haven’t you cleaned the first floor? It’s still dusty. You want a deduction in your salary? You know how helpless you were before this job? You had nothing in life. We’ve given you everything. Now go. What are you looking at? Go from here.

Tina, with a sad, pale face slowly went from there. She wanted to peel out the tears from her eyes but then, something stopped her. She knew that this is not the life she is going to live forever and always. She could have escaped from there but she knew what destiny held for her. For a moment, she was numb and indecisive. Fifteen year old Tina went to complete all the errands. Then, she came back home, and after handing over the things to Mrs. Vrinda, she swiftly went to her room, put on a blanket and acted like she was in a deep sleep until Mrs. Vrinda came in to check on her. Mrs. Vrinda was not always arrogant and snobbish. After all, she knew that Tina was a kid only. She didn’t disturb Tina and closed the door of her room.

Tina was only three when Aggarwal’s had found her sitting under a flyover having a torn and tattered boot in her hand. Mr. Aggarwal distinctly remembered that he had a similar shoe. Well, that is  just a coincidence or not even that. Someone can have a similar shoe. But, what striked Mr. Aggarwal was the exceptional lustre of the shoe even though it was in such a condition. Mr. Aggarwal thought of going to the girl and asking her about the boot but the red light had turned green by that time. Also, Tina was not the only one in the whole city who lived under a flyover. There were many others. After a week, Mr. Aggarwal again saw the girl sitting under the flyover holding that lustrous boot. He finally parked his car in the side and got off. He asked the girl about the shoe but she didn’t utter a word. She kept looking at the man with tender eyes. Mr. Aggarwal was an exceptionally kind person. For once, he thought that he should take the girl to the nearby NGO who take care of left out children, orphans etc. But then, he suddenly changed his plan. He took the girl to his house instead. Mrs. Vrinda was not liking the idea that Mr. Aggarwal brought some roadside girl to home. The girl didn’t utter anything out of her mouth. She didn’t even know her name. So, they kept her name’ Tina’. Mr. Aggarwal said that she would be staying for some days and then he’ll take her to the nearby NGO. The girl looked at both of them and started crying. Both Mr. and Mrs. Aggarwal couldn’t understand why Tina started crying but it seemed that she wanted to live in the home only. Days, months and years passed and Tina became the official servant of Aggarwal family. Mr. Aggarwal would always say that he would take Tina to the NGO but he never did. Mrs. Vrinda had of course got someone as her helping aid for  her home and she made full use of it. However rudely Mrs. Vrinda behaved with her, Tina still did the work as designated by her. Mrs. Vrinda had also noticed the shiny torn and tattered boot in Tina’s hand but never asked anything about it. Only Tina had the secret to it. Tina is fifteen now and the special boot is still kept in her room. It is the boot that has given her all the strength and power to face whatever she has faced. The boot has some special powers that gives the strength to Tina and also foretells the next moment of her life. That’s why Tina knows that even if she can escape, she has her destiny polished in the shoe. She had got this shoe from her mother when she was just an infant. When Mr. Aggarwal had spotted her under the flyover, her mother had already died a year back in a road accident. Tina has a partial memory of the incident but she has still kept this shoe with her in the memory of her mother that still shines the same. It is as if Tina’s destiny was gifted to her by her dead mother. She waits for the time when she will see the light of the day and experience the freedom that the boot foretells.

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