Tag: mediocrity



Have you seen me?

Do you encounter me everyday?

Each day…with different sameness?

Do you notice me working hard,

And still getting nowhere,

Moving on with stealthy footsteps?

I see you whiling away time,

I see you getting along well with everyone,

I see you reaching heights.

Do you know what I think?

I feel how do you do this?

Not just to me but to everyone who is like me.

I reach no less, but not more as well,

I find it hard doing everything I’m doing,

To know that I stand here.

How do you do this?

Why don’t you be like us?

If we can’t be like you?

And I think of you too, failure.

Well, you never come my way,

You are always in your own.

Success does not leave my Hand,

But it doesn’t take me high either,

While you, failure, you better stay where you are.

I make an averageĀ 


On all,

I just earn my daily knolls.

Hi perfection!

Where are you?

There? Listening?

I’m like an ant,

Who feels like a deer,

And not a tiger.

I’ve failed to be you highest scorer,



I just complete necessary,

And I still compete incessantly,

Where are you, dear perfection?

Hi, I am mediocrity,

And you see me everywhere,

Any moment!

I am in person,

In performance,

In personality.

But, I am the most widespread,

The less talked about,

And the one who is sidelined.

I am not anywhere,

In no news or biopics,

In no magazines or popular movies.

I’m not famous,

Like you manage to be,

And I don’t stand out.

I’m just here to rant,

To try my hand,

At discovering my voice!