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Fighting the battle

Fighting the battle

Have you ever wondered, how each day we cross a barrier and reach another milestone? How long do we thrive for it to make it our own, to win the battle or to fight it successfully or what you can say, as to own the game! Each day, we wake up with a new hope and energy to enlighten ourself with a new ambition, and before every ambition, the ambition of rising stronger, harder or into a better person. And, in the air of all this we deal with so much of insecurities, emotional dramas, tantrums, refusals, fake approvals, plastic smiles, fear, rude business minded people, jealous faces, envious gestures, cheap competitiveness, friends and foes………..and the list goes on like a gust of wind. There are times when not only the hope of hoping good dosent work, where we have to actually open the door to see the other side of it or to cross a new way or endeavor to justify our talent, our existence, uniqueness, ability, to deny the fact that we are not fragile anymore, to prove that we are sturdy enough to surpass the ocean of people and circumstances who try their best to see us unsuccessful or as a failed person in life, or to lure us for a wrong way wherein we get trapped just wondering to come out of it until we regret that we were lured for something wrong, until we realise that we are still far from justifiable to the world and to ourself. It’s like loving a person and realizing that the person being loved was the wrong person. It’s like blaming somebody but later realising that we ourselves were to blame. And, the worst that we deal with is insult. Call it domestic violence, call it sarcastic unusual remarks by some of your known people aimed at you, call it rape, a sodomisation of your will,  of your desires, or maybe just a physical rape that takes you to another level of down to yourself instead of down to Earth. These are the times when you become unanswerable to yourself, unfeeling of anything good or pleasant. But, we as a victim of something or the other grow to inspire, to perspire, and not to retire so easily, to make a mark of ourselves in this wheel of time, to break out from our shell, to chase the chasers back making them feel guilty and thanking them at the same time that they helped us rise. This is when we actually grow big to respect our individuality and to let people expect something bigger and better out of us. Indeed, it’s not so easy to be successful. Someone rightly said, we’re just a speck of dust in this big universe, a likely star or a meteor of our Galaxy. It’s upto us how we rise and shine! 🙂

Well, this article was something that I always wanted to write for one and all, for all those who have seen humiliation, deception, failure and still managed to become a headturner, and to inspire all those who are going through the same. Fighting the battle  should be everyone’s cup of tea so that you can prove first to yourself, and then to the world that you’re born warriors who know self- defence and see the light of the day to raise their head up a little more to stand on the stage of performance and make it big:)
I hope that inspires my readers.

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