Category: love

She will be loved..


Getting pregnant,

with her,

instilling the addictive sense,

the incense, the aura,

the touch of an instance..

the smile of the heart,

the embers of the burning feeling,

the flairs of the charm,

creating a sweet, beautiful harm.


Caressing her,

like a baby,

making it to communicate,

to express,

the unexpressable,

and a few more kisses,

taking them into a fuelling retardedness,

but keeping it slow,

relishing each word of the world.


The euphony,

the intonation,

the literary stance,

the hugeness of it,

lying there,

in the hands,

inspired by the utter romance,

its the poetry,

and… she will be loved!





A birthday present for my father


Bringing a feast,

With a twist,

With a twirl,

And with every thing beautiful.


The man,

Who means the world.

The man,

Who is the most loyal.


You used to swing me in your arms,

When I was a kid.

You used to feed me food,

When I was just of a bit.


You helped me grow,

With all the care and support.

You held my hand,

When I was trapped in my throes.


You smiled,

When a smile was all I needed.

You got me those gifts,

That were more than a thousand other things


You sustained me through all the ups and downs,

Through all the nasty times.

You were more sensitive than the tear that was about to trickle.


You gorged the latent,

You cracked your poorest of poor jokes,

Just to see me laughing,



You were an inspiration,

In all the hard times,

Through all your hard work,

The times when I felt lazy,

And life was a little hazy…


Trying my hand at making you feel

the same happiness,

the same innocent laugh,

the same sweet smile,

and everything else.