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The Dream that held me back.

The Dream that held me back.

The staircase was empty as always in my dreams. I was stuck in a maze of staircases going here and there. I wasn’t able to find the way. My mind was getting haywire. Whenever I turned, I found the route blocked as I went further. I felt directionless, aimless stuck in the web of staircases. And, I had no one to help me out of this pungent place. I was all alone. I was puking nervousness through my sweat. I wanted to escape into the sunlight instead of being lost in that unknown place. But, the place seemed to be resonating its haunting silence. Maybe, that place was my mind. Before, I could think of it anymore, I opened my eyes and saw the Majestic daylight in front of me.


Let me hide a little more…

images.jpgLet me hold the curtain,

let me shut the windows,

let me bang the doors,

let me hold the blanket!


Wrapp’d in them,

I wanna go close,

closer to myself.

searching for love!


My narcissistic obsession calls me,

from everywhere,

to stop.

to enjoy the lonely frenzy!


The monotonic plastic smile,

that ‘un’genuine laughter,

that seems genuine.

to throw it away!


I wanna play with my shadows,

I wanna break the mirror,

and see myself through it.

giving a freedom to my dwelling tears!


Don’t try to hold my hand,

don’t show me the world,

don’t give me a tempting.

let me crucifix my importance with myself!


Let me be a little more selfish,

A little more savage,

to enjoy my latent fetish.

Let me hide a little more!


Deep in the hollows…

The melancholy content,
Combined with the void,
The frolic,
Combined with loneliness!

The brisk saunter,
The morning refresher,
With the usual upheaval,
An uplifting lowness!

A break from monotony,
Cementing the ties with,
The same,
A mix of lameness and bravery!

The diamonds,
And the coals,
Uprising from the same fountain,
The real mood!