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The polished boot

The polished boot

Do you see those pink boots there? Get them polished and also give these clothes to the tailor. You also have to bring some groceries Tina. And, why haven’t you cleaned the first floor? It’s still dusty. You want a deduction in your salary? You know how helpless you were before this job? You had nothing in life. We’ve given you everything. Now go. What are you looking at? Go from here.

Tina, with a sad, pale face slowly went from there. She wanted to peel out the tears from her eyes but then, something stopped her. She knew that this is not the life she is going to live forever and always. She could have escaped from there but she knew what destiny held for her. For a moment, she was numb and indecisive. Fifteen year old Tina went to complete all the errands. Then, she came back home, and after handing over the things to Mrs. Vrinda, she swiftly went to her room, put on a blanket and acted like she was in a deep sleep until Mrs. Vrinda came in to check on her. Mrs. Vrinda was not always arrogant and snobbish. After all, she knew that Tina was a kid only. She didn’t disturb Tina and closed the door of her room.

Tina was only three when Aggarwal’s had found her sitting under a flyover having a torn and tattered boot in her hand. Mr. Aggarwal distinctly remembered that he had a similar shoe. Well, that is  just a coincidence or not even that. Someone can have a similar shoe. But, what striked Mr. Aggarwal was the exceptional lustre of the shoe even though it was in such a condition. Mr. Aggarwal thought of going to the girl and asking her about the boot but the red light had turned green by that time. Also, Tina was not the only one in the whole city who lived under a flyover. There were many others. After a week, Mr. Aggarwal again saw the girl sitting under the flyover holding that lustrous boot. He finally parked his car in the side and got off. He asked the girl about the shoe but she didn’t utter a word. She kept looking at the man with tender eyes. Mr. Aggarwal was an exceptionally kind person. For once, he thought that he should take the girl to the nearby NGO who take care of left out children, orphans etc. But then, he suddenly changed his plan. He took the girl to his house instead. Mrs. Vrinda was not liking the idea that Mr. Aggarwal brought some roadside girl to home. The girl didn’t utter anything out of her mouth. She didn’t even know her name. So, they kept her name’ Tina’. Mr. Aggarwal said that she would be staying for some days and then he’ll take her to the nearby NGO. The girl looked at both of them and started crying. Both Mr. and Mrs. Aggarwal couldn’t understand why Tina started crying but it seemed that she wanted to live in the home only. Days, months and years passed and Tina became the official servant of Aggarwal family. Mr. Aggarwal would always say that he would take Tina to the NGO but he never did. Mrs. Vrinda had of course got someone as her helping aid for  her home and she made full use of it. However rudely Mrs. Vrinda behaved with her, Tina still did the work as designated by her. Mrs. Vrinda had also noticed the shiny torn and tattered boot in Tina’s hand but never asked anything about it. Only Tina had the secret to it. Tina is fifteen now and the special boot is still kept in her room. It is the boot that has given her all the strength and power to face whatever she has faced. The boot has some special powers that gives the strength to Tina and also foretells the next moment of her life. That’s why Tina knows that even if she can escape, she has her destiny polished in the shoe. She had got this shoe from her mother when she was just an infant. When Mr. Aggarwal had spotted her under the flyover, her mother had already died a year back in a road accident. Tina has a partial memory of the incident but she has still kept this shoe with her in the memory of her mother that still shines the same. It is as if Tina’s destiny was gifted to her by her dead mother. She waits for the time when she will see the light of the day and experience the freedom that the boot foretells.

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Daily Prompt: Retreat

Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat

” What do you think we should do now?”, said Hannah.

“I don’t know.” said Denny

“I  had least thought about it.”

” Do you think we should abort the baby?”


” We can’t manage to have him right now in our life, its too early!!”

“Yeah, It’s just three months!”

” Just three months? What do you mean just three months? That isn’t a big deal, you think so?”

” Oh, Please Hannah…..only you lured me into it.”

“Wait, What? I lured you? Didn’t we do it by choice. We both decided on it.”

( Denny bangs the door and leaves the room…..making Hannah more distressed. It was not the first time that Hannah had been distressed but this time her distress was genuinely reasonable. She couldn’t think of anything, any plan or idea. It was the last year of college and she had no idea of what was she doing about her life other than being pregnant.)

[After a month]

” What have you thought of now Hannah.?” asked Denny

” Oh please you don’t ask, its totally my choice now. You had banged the door as if you had nothing to do with the baby.” said Hannah.

” I’m sorry! I didn’t know what to do or how to react that time. And, its our baby.”

“Get lost please. I’ve told my mom about it and she has asked me to let the embryo grow.”

“What? Your mom knows about it? Didn’t she…… ?”

“Yeah, can you please leave? I don’t want to talk. It’s fine if I focus on my entrance and  my baby afterwards.”

( There was nothing better than retreating the problem and thinking of something better rather than letting the baby take birth but Denny didn’t have an authority over the unborn baby because he didn’t hold himself responsible for the same.)

[ After five more months]

(Hannah had cleared her  exam. She was not getting admission in the desired college but she was still getting the one where both Denny and her had graduated from.  On the other hand, the baby had taken his entry into the world but only had his mother’s hands to take care. )





Being a Pluvophile…

Being a Pluvophile…

The drops started to descend,

from up the heavens,

as if the quiet of the skies,

wanted to scream,

or shower their blessings upon,

the earthly beings!


The winds were clairvoyant enough,

singing the impending,

happily welcoming the arrival,

of the distinct joyness,

of the colorful umbrellas,

and the power to surrender to the beauty.


(Beauty here is the rains that have started with the drops and wind is the source which is bringing up closely the message of the monsoon shower to come. Here, A pluvophile describes rain as the thing of ‘distinct joyness’ as if thanking the winds, the monsoon winds to bring along the respiting showers with them.)




I won’t give up.

I won’t give up.

I don’t know when was the last time I felt guilty of taking a wrong path or failing in something I aimed to do. There have been people in my life with whom I’ve been the kindest but they left me of no reason or without any prior explanation but that has not discouraged me from being kind. I’ve always desired to write better and each time that I write, I feel that it is imperfect and needs to be more finished. I don’t have a perfectly fit body but I keep excercising to keep myself healthy. I don’t spare much time for caring for nature but I spend some minutes watering the plants or feeding the stray dogs in my street.  I know that everything in my life can’t be picture perfect but I keep doing my bit to do bigger and better.I keep treading on in the caravan of improvement for my overall well-being . I am unstoppable and I won’t give up this time or anytime for anything and everything that I am keen on doing.



What love feels like..

What love feels like..

He was hesitant at first,

but he had full trust,

that things will work out,

and she will say ‘yes’.


They had known together for a long time now,

and she knew it was just him somehow,

She could feel him,

with every rain shower and wind gust.


There were layers of memories,

like each time it was a new breeze,

He had his plan,

so he bought the ring for her.


The train of thoughts was drowning her too,

she knew their love was true,

she was laughing and blushing,

with the moments being played.


The time had come,

to drop the tantrums,

to express the unexpressed,

to offer the ring with layers of affection.



Just set me free..

Just set me free..

To my late mom,

I don’t know when was the last time I ate something delicious, something that was homemade, something that had the flavor of mother’s love. I don’t remember when I last walked on to the fields with that open air and endless skies accompnaying me, neither asking me nor telling me anything yet talking with me silently. I have forgotten the exact day, date or year since I’ve been here. I’ve watched my mates grow and I’ve seen myself grow, getting faded and weak and frail. My voice getting shallow and shrill as if the sound dosen’t come with speech. I’ve learned to be a lunatic but I’ve ceased to be me. I’ve bruises at my back and at my hairy chest. I’ve learnt to resist them. I’ve learnt to control my anger and the complimentary tears that come along because today its not a new thing for me. I’ve seen the waves getting high and low through my window. Now I’ve a blurred view of it due to a squint in my eye. My grey beard tells me that “old man, you’re going to be here till your last breath” and I..I silently agree with the deep setting monotony. I say” I don’t care now but I do have a hope, hope of a last breath to come invitingly and excitingly setting me free.”My case is not with the court, its with the god, the case of autonomy and he is going to grant me with the blessing of autonomy. I wish he gives it to me soon. I’ve no one coming to meet me now, so I wish to meet the god. I wish to see you mom.


Your imprisoned son,




A voyage into silence

A voyage into silence

I felt as if the world has gone numb. There was no one around.  It felt as if everything was dead, something that you call as a pin-drop silence. No commotion, no sounds. I was into a totally different world that was far far away from the traffic snarls, sonorous honking, useless argumenting where each one is proving that I am right and you’re wrong. It felt as if I really needed to be here where I could even feel my breath. I could hear the sounds playing in my mind of a song I heard lately. The place seemed to be inviting as if asking me to delve into it more and more. I didn’t want to come out of this piece of peace. I never wanted the length and breadth of it to end, but no.. it had to end. As soon as the bell rang, I had crossed the full length of the pool and I was out again into the usual world. Swimming had given me the much needed break. The voyage was satisfactory and tempting.


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Just need a hand to hold!

Just need a hand to hold!

I don’t know whether I just need a hand to hold,

or whether I am just enough for myself.


I don’t know whether I long for someone like me,

or I long for being with my own self.


I’ve waited for long but whom am I waiting for?

Is it the one who’s hiding behind the mirror or one who dosent exist.


I don’t know whether my lover is on the other side,

or I just need a companion.


this longingness, this loneliness,

is a companion for now.


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