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Man v/s Wild, the popular show by Bear Grylls is based on challenging travel diaries and facing the direst, the unexpected. Man v/s Wild is the favorite watch among the people who want to visit the places unseen, the places with highest altitudes, the extreme temperatures, the undulated terrains where even walking properly or even breathing does not remain a simple task altogether. The show very well awakes the survival instinct in its spectators, the courage to face whatever comes on the way.


I would like to discuss about a particular episode of Man v/s Wild that I was watching some days back. The episode showed the area of west pacific near Papua New Guinea dated 16 April’2016. The episode was thrilling, adventurous, exciting and enticing in its own way. For a moment, it felt as if I was crossing the rocks or I was swimming through the cold waters to go on to another island. I was all alone with of course, just my photographer making a video :D. Bear Grylls surely takes you to another world away from all the safety of your homes and bungalows, away from the four walls of your room to the remotest of places where you can just keep up the hope and survive. You may not even get food and water to survive and of course no luxuries at all. No life jackets, no instructor, just your hands and your legs to save yourself. So, in this particular episode, Bear started off his journey with jumping from a particular height from the helicopter deep into the sea. He swam some miles to the island. The island was whole rocky and rough. Harsh winds were blowing through. Now, Bear had to climb the whole rocky cliff to reach to another island where he can find shelter. The cliff was some hundred feet tall. He knew that it is not going to be an easy job. Now he has come over to a situation of ‘Do or die’. Either, he will survive or he will fall off in the deep sea while climbing. He started the journey up the rock. Step-by-step, he climbed taking each step cautiously. It was hard enough, I guess. Though, the place looked to be cold, but Bear was already sweating. With his sweat and courage, he had already achieved his first triumph. He looked here and there, revived his senses and started walking towards the other island. He could see it down there. The deep valley itself looked haunting. He came slowly down onto the other beach. He had to reach to the other side. The waves looked riskier. He had to cross the sea and reach to the opposite end of it. It was as if his next challenge was calling him with open arms. He balanced his body and swam determinedly to the other side. With so much up and down, he was feeling very hungry. In a place so secluded and aloof, this again was no less than a challenge. Now, when you’re a full time traveller, you’ve to settle and survive with anything you get to eat. There are no particular eating habits or preferences. Gulping in food becomes more a reason to survive and less a thing of preference. On the other side of island, where he had reached, there were deep, dense forests. The sky was getting dark. It was dusk already. The enigmatic sounds of some birds and insects could also be heard. In such a place, he first had to find a place of shelter and even before that, something to eat or drink. He could see long and tall coconut trees near to the beach. He climbed on one by pulling his body back taking each step  gently, first with his hands and then with his feet. He pulled one coconut, plucked it from the tree and threw it on the ground. He jumped down again spending some more calories of his energy that were left. He had his knife in the bag that was hanging on his back. He swiftly opened the coconut top and drank the whole water in one go as if it was just equal to a drop. Then, he moved inside the depth of the forest to find a shelter or to make one. He collected the palm leaves, the wooden strands and hollow bamboo sticks. He tied a rope between the two trees in the shape of almost a rhombus. He used the palm leaves and bamboo sticks to make a comfortable bed for himself. After this, he went again to the beachside, to collect some sea food for himself. He obviously didn’t have a fishing rod, so he made one by using the bamboo stick and a left piece of rubber tyre. He got two fishes and a crab for his combined meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner. He used the wooden strands and his lighter to cook the food. It seemed that he enjoyed eating it. He woke up in the morning. It was broad daylight. He had slept well in this remote forest with the veritable scary noises. Now, it was time to take leave of the place and the adventures that it had to offer. It was that time of the day when the sharks in the water could be seen prancing on the surface. To prevent himself from a shark bite, Bear made a water proof and floatable structure by making a web of bamboo sticks and tying them with a thread or a rope. He stood on the structure and with the help of a thin log of wood, he directed the structure to the other end of the sea. He safely finished off with his expedition!


The man had successfully encountered the wild and the wilderness without complaining or getting panicked. The show is no doubt wonderful and spectacular. Besides, you get to learn new things like this episode taught how to climb the coconut tree or how to keep up the equilibrium of the body in deep open sea.  You get to know one of the most intelligent ideas, if in case you actually get into such a circumstance; you know which one to implement.