My visit to Shahpur Jat Market

My exams ended on 7th of December’2017 and I’ve been free since, though I have been doing things but I’ll discuss that later.

So, it was the first Sunday of my vacations that I went with my cousin to Shahpur Jat Market. We had made this plan even before my exams ended and of course who dosen’t have plans in the vacations post exams. So, I had a little bit idea about this market and I thought that I’ll just visit the market once but sadly the day we went there, the market was closed except there were some cafes and  some shops that were already open. Also, the shops there were mostly coutures. One who is having a wedding or something in their family, they can buy designer gowns and lehengas etc. from there. There was nothing like we thought, so me and my cousin instead went to Sarojini which was not very far from there and little did we know that we’ve come on the wrong day to Sarojini. It was a horrible experience to shop that day in Sarojini as there was too much rush. There was hardly any space to even walk. I just bought a pair of sandals from there and a necklace. My cousin bought nothing as she says that street shopping is not her cup of tea and also I really appreciate her dressing sense. She’s quite good at it. So, the day ended like that. It was a not-so-good-day but yeah, I had met my cousin after a very long time so it felt good meeting her after so long.

Also, the cafe in Shahpur Jat Market where we had lunch was amazing. It was the ‘Red Cafe’ There was a lady that we met there who told us about this cafe. If you’re really looking forward to buying designer stuff, only then go to this market otherwise, it’s a waste.

Also, here are some photos of the day that I’m sharing with you all. Hope you liked my blog. 🙂

Also, share below in the comments about your experiences of a weekend plan not turning out to be as expected. Would love to read your comments 😀



This was the cafe where we had our lunch. We ordered a thin crust vegetable pizza and two drinks. One was a chocolate milkshake and another was a mojito which was quite good. If you ever happen to visit there, do visit this cafe. The nearest metro station for reaching this market is Hauz Khas.


The pizza was as awesome as it looks. Sumptuous and delicious.


This was the necklace that I bought from Sarojini Nagar market. This necklace was for 100 bucks and looks great! 🙂


These were the slip on sandals that I bought from Bata from Sarojini Nagar Market itself. These sandals costed me 900 bucks and yeah black is my favourite colour and goes along with almost anything.


A little OOTD. I’m wearing this dress that I bought from Kamla Nagar Market for just 150 bucks and this turtleneck skeevy was given to me by my mom and I don’t remember where I bought these woolen tights from, maybe from Sarojini.. This necklace is from Forever 21. This necklace was around 600 bucks and it looks good with both Indian and western wear.The gum boots, I also bought from Kamla Nagar for 500 bucks and this purse was gifted to me by my best friend, Deepali on my previous birthday and this is me posing in front of the ‘Red Cafe’  .


There were too many graffitis in Shahpur Jat Market and this was one of them that I liked. Thanks to my cousin for clicking a photo of me in front of this graffiti.


And lastly, this was a selfie that me and my cousin clicked in the metro while going back home. And, I don’t know which effect of Snap Chat is this but yeah found it good!


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