Tumhari Sulu – Movie Review

Tumhari Sulu – Movie Review

So, My exams just ended day before yesterday.  Tumhari Sulu was a much awaited film that released in between my exams i.e. 17th of November. I had watched each and every trailer of the movie that was available on You Tube and even watched the released songs of the movie. Of these, I liked the song of ‘Ban Ja tu meri rani’ sung by Guru Randhawa, the most. I liked it so much that I made it my ringtone 😛

So,  day before yesterday I became a free bird and will be one for a month now. I came home, had my lunch, switched on my laptop and opened up the already downloaded movie and started watching it. Of course, I had an idea what the movie is about and what is the overall story of the movie as I had watched all the trailers and also my parents had went in between my exams to watch the movie. So, they also gave an idea about it. But, I still wanted to watch the movie and of course I had all the time to waste in the world then why not? 😛

So, the movie starts with the first scene in which Vidya Balan aka Sulochna is holding a lemon in her spoon and she is holding the spoon from her mouth and she tries to walk as fast as she can without letting the lemon fall down from her spoon. She comes second in the race. She is so much cheerful that she instead gets her photo clicked standing on the no. 1  pedestal rather than on no.2. She has been shown like a happy-go-lucky kind of person. She’s a housewife in the movie and there’s is a happy nuclear family of 3 members i.e. Sulochna herself, her husband and her only son, Pranav. Of course, if the movie is named ‘Tumhari Sulu’, so definitely she’ll be emphasised in the movie being the protagonist. So, Sulochna has been shown as a pro in doing things be it household work, be it taking care of her family, or be it winning lemon races. She is a kind of no regrets person. She is a 12th fail and has no problems about that even if her two real sisters are in a well-to-do job and she is just a homemaker. For her, every day is the day to enjoy and have fun. Though, of course, like everyone’s life, Sulu’s life is also full of twists and turns, sweet and sour, ups and downs. So, her stint with radio starts when she wins a contest in the ‘Wow radio’  and gets a pressure cooker. She confidently asks for a TV from them as the prize instead of a pressure cooker as she already has one in her home and that too of the same brand. She gets a pressure cooker only though, which she has to pick up from the radio station only. So, radio station is buzzing with people skilled in English language and smartly dressed while Sulu is just a total contradiction of these people, neither smartly dressed nor skilled in English. She gets to meet her favourite RJ also. Little did she know that she’ll be becoming one soon! She has been shown as someone who is interested in almost everything. From singing to dancing, to radio jockeying and what not. She starts just a casual conversation with one of the RJ’s there telling them about hesrelf and the long list of her interests which they’re least interested to listen to. But, the best part in the movie was the dialogue ” main kar sakti hai” which depicts her confidence. Though, she is a 12th fail, but she dosen’t let that obstruction come her way. She is always always curious and hungry to do things and there’s no doubt that she loves taking part in contests and sees another poster in the radio station only that ‘ You can also become an RJ contest’ She asks and enquires people about that contest but no one explains to her what are the requirements of being an RJ or how to become one. Even her repititive calls to the Radio station are not answered till a day or two till she gets one and is asked to visit the radio station. So ‘Maria’ played by Neha Dhupia trains her and helps her to try and speak on the mic. Though, many may have participated in the contest but Sulu is called out of all others just because of her utter curiosity and the confidence that ” main kar sakti hai” She is rather lucky in that as she is not trained or has never done any job like that instead of being a homemaker. So, of course Sulu proves to be a pro in this job also without any prior experience or training. Though, she is given a training in the radio station only and that is the only training she gets with the help of Maria and her friend and colleague, Pankaj played by Vijay Maurya. She gets a night show in the ‘wow radio’ and even her husband agrees for that. Also, because the family does not have much money, they’ll have another source of money. We people keep saying that earning money is so tough, getting a job is so tough but here we see a glimpse of mere luck playing its role with the protagonist Sulu though she later proves that she’s just perfect for this job by her outright and genuine nature. After she has got this job, there’s almost no problem in her life. Her’s becomes a smooth and happy life but soon we start to see the repurcussions of a mother doing a late night show when her husband has to serve dinner to himself and his son or his son not focussing on studies rather on things that he should not focus on in this age but he does due to peer pressure. It is, as if the whole responsibility is on the female rather than on the male that their child is not doing well in studies or the husband played by Manav kaul who is not liking her job so much and asks her to leave the job and of course her two real sisters and her father also come to tell her that she’s not doing right. Sulu being the one who leaves no stone unturned to be the best mom, best wife and best RJ is now blamed upon for everything happening. She cries to her bits and pieces when her own son, Pranav gets missing on the same night he has been suspended from school for bringing mobile phone. The whole happy- go- lucky charm of the movie takes a turn and changes the mood of both the characters as well as the viewers and later it is Sulu again stuck in the household chores and the end is that she leaves her prestigious job or in other words, has to leave her prestigious job because she has to see her family and take care of them. Now those who were not happy with her for not taking up a job are the happiest that she has left her first and last job even though she had the belief that ” main kar sakti hai”

Other than the ending, the whole movie was alright. It was fun and enetertaining with specks of sadness especially the point at which her son gets missing and writes a letter before leaving that he’s sorry for everything he did. He realises his mistake, that is the best part which usually kids don’t do. The movie didn’t have a satisfactory ending but all in all I would like to give the movie a 4/5. And yes, it’s a must- watch. So, watch the movie if you’ve not watched it yet.  🙂


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