On a sweaty sunny day…

On a sweaty sunny day…

The mordaciousness of the room felt tightening on the skin. The words spoken by him felt like being dictated to ghosts. No one was actually listening. The electricity had gone and students had fans made out of newspaper in their hands. Handkerchiefs were used to their best for cleaning the sweat from the face. It was the first lecture of the day and I could notice the sleepy eyes and the yawning mouths. Some heads were down on the desk and some were half awake of what was going on. Some were even enjoying the games on their mobiles. The  open windows seemed to spread airless air. The heat was peeping through and transcended on to us.

I too was diverted enough to write not the notes or the explanations preached out but to find a way of not feeling bored and choked in the heat of the lecture.


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