There’s always this dilemma,

of being the best,

the nicest,

or just not caring about it anymore,

to just be reckless.


The introspection and scrutiny,

of what is there and what is not,

What is it that I deserved a lot,

and what I actually got,

and then keeping my fingers crossed.


The perfect coffee,

the perfect kiss,

the best poem,

the masterpiece,

Is it what it actually is?


A blend of stress,

and distress,

a taste of under confidence,

of not succeeding,

with flying colors.


A sense of drowning,

or burning,

of falling,

of failing,

of crying,


And then remembering,

the past failures,

the past successes,

the challenges crossed,

asking again Am I PERFECT?


In response to

My first try at writing something for the daily post. I hope you like it. 🙂