FAQAT movie review

FAQAT movie review

Faqat, an age gap short movie directed by Nisha Singh and starring actors:- Abhinavanand Singh as Abhinav Singh and Tanya Saihgal as Devika Sharma in the lead roles highlight its uniqueness by the age gap it depicts between the hero and the heroine, the heroine being the elder one. It is still not common that a guy falls in love with a girl who is elder to her or is more in age than her. Either the girl is younger than the guy or Is equal to his age. And here we are just talking about the biological age and not the mental age as that may vary among people of same ages as well.

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Faqat highlights the changing relationship scenario in the present times when the youngsters do not give much heed to the age saying “Age is just a number” These days it doesn’t matter whether the guy is older or the girl is or if the guy is younger or the girl is. We’ve so many examples in front of us where the girl is elder to the guy and they are either happily married or are happily together in a relationship. We can take the example of the famous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan where Aishwarya is elder to Abhishek by two years and there are other couples as well such as the famous singer Shakira and Gerard Pique who have an age difference of ten years and have been together since 2010. They also have two sons. Hugh Jackman, an Australian actor, producer and musician is married since 1996 to Deborra Lee Furness who is twelve years older to him and they also have two kids. The whole notion regarding the expected and acceptable age gaps is creating all the difference in today’s relationship scenario. The woman being the elder one is no more seen as a matter of shame or something to be embarrassed about. Men are choosing elder female partners willingly because ‘love sees no age’.



Faqat is a very innocent and sweet story about Abhinav and Devika who are worlds apart, are unknown to each other but fate makes them meet just with a slight accident. As it is said that the most unplanned and unpredictable moments sometimes become the best moments of our lives. Abhinav who is a twenty-five year old guy and is trying for getting into a job has lost hope in the concept of love as he has been deceived in love and relationships time and again and Devika who is thirty-five years old, is separated and is a successful owner of a firm believes in going ahead and working hard. That moment when the accident between Devika and Abhinav happen,Devika has some folders in her hands  that fall off with their collision. But, Devika doesn’t realize that time that one of her folders has been left with Abhinav and the remaining ones she has brought with her to the office which seems to be just something happening by chance.  All the things in the story are a result of mere coincidence. Abhinav who was actually going for an interview for a job decides to leave the interview and return the folder to Devika. Coincidentally, the name of her firm is also written on the folder and therefore it poses no problem for Abhinav to reach to Devika’s office. Though, he asks the receptionist to meet Devika urgently but could not meet her as she’s busy in a meeting. So he leaves her folder at the reception to be given to Devika. The one thing which is really not practical on the part of Abhinav is that he’s someone who has stopped believing in love. But, he still decides to miss his interview for a girl he has just had a glimpse of and had found her beautiful and her name adorable. Though, the story is a sweet take on the age gap but not a pragmatic one. The viewer is made to believe that all parts of the story are fictional and hold nothing to the real facts. When the meeting gets over and Devika looks at the folder returned by the same guy whom she had collided with in the morning, she feels pleased and decides to thank him. In the next scene, we see Devika knocking the door of Abhinav’s house where his friend is scolding him that he again missed the interview and this time because of an unknown girl, just to return her folders to which Abhinav gives a coy smirk. But, Abhinav and Devika have still not met each other. Its Abhinav’s friend, Naman played by Naman Kumar who opens the door and after looking at Devika, he poses himself to be Abhinav not letting the actual Abhinav know who is on the door. But, Devika coming all the way just to thank Abhinav comes over as a surprise both for the viewers and Abhinav himself as this is least expected. Abhinav thinks that he may never get to meet Devika again, but here she is knocking at the door of his house. Well, we never come to know how she got to know about Abhinav’s address. Naman has to go somewhere so he takes leave of Devika and goes. As soon as Abhinav gets to see Devika, he asks her to enter the house and she shyly does. She comes to know that now she’s talking to the actual Abhinav as Naman didn’t look to her as the same man she had collided with. The blush on Abhinav’s face and the latent excitement is quite visible. Devika’s expressions signify the same as Abhinav’s. Somewhere she also wanted to meet him. And then the usual talks “How did you get to know about my house?” “What made you come here?” For a moment I felt I’ve been taken back to the black-and-white cinema days where the hero and the heroine are not even able to look straight into each other’s eyes and are just blushing incessantly. Devika tells Abhinav that she has come to acknowledge his effort of coming all the way to her office and returning her folder. Now, this could have been the end. Abhinav and Devika collided in the morning. Abhinav went to Devika’s office to return her folder. Now Devika has come all the way to Abhinav’s place to say ‘Thank-you’. But, they actually keep on talking about other things and the focus of the camera goes far and distant and the doors close. The sudden attraction turning into love, maybe! In the background is the beautiful song ‘ I’m a little younger’ sung by Aniket Dhingra in his sturdy and soulful voice as if cheering the protagonists to go ahead with their love story.



With some slight unusual twist and turns that we call as a coincidence, Faqat is seen to be overall as a good take on the age gap love.


You can click on the link below to watch the short film.