Month: June 2016

His prophecy…

His prophecy…

Numerous hands worked to heal him,

to remove his wounds,

but a single pair of hands joined,

to hear the prophecy of the great,

she had a faith he would be fine!








Man v/s Wild, the popular show by Bear Grylls is based on challenging travel diaries and facing the direst, the unexpected. Man v/s Wild is the favorite watch among the people who want to visit the places unseen, the places with highest altitudes, the extreme temperatures, the undulated terrains where even walking properly or even breathing does not remain a simple task altogether. The show very well awakes the survival instinct in its spectators, the courage to face whatever comes on the way.


I would like to discuss about a particular episode of Man v/s Wild that I was watching some days back. The episode showed the area of west pacific near Papua New Guinea dated 16 April’2016. The episode was thrilling, adventurous, exciting and enticing in its own way. For a moment, it felt as if I was crossing the rocks or I was swimming through the cold waters to go on to another island. I was all alone with of course, just my photographer making a video :D. Bear Grylls surely takes you to another world away from all the safety of your homes and bungalows, away from the four walls of your room to the remotest of places where you can just keep up the hope and survive. You may not even get food and water to survive and of course no luxuries at all. No life jackets, no instructor, just your hands and your legs to save yourself. So, in this particular episode, Bear started off his journey with jumping from a particular height from the helicopter deep into the sea. He swam some miles to the island. The island was whole rocky and rough. Harsh winds were blowing through. Now, Bear had to climb the whole rocky cliff to reach to another island where he can find shelter. The cliff was some hundred feet tall. He knew that it is not going to be an easy job. Now he has come over to a situation of ‘Do or die’. Either, he will survive or he will fall off in the deep sea while climbing. He started the journey up the rock. Step-by-step, he climbed taking each step cautiously. It was hard enough, I guess. Though, the place looked to be cold, but Bear was already sweating. With his sweat and courage, he had already achieved his first triumph. He looked here and there, revived his senses and started walking towards the other island. He could see it down there. The deep valley itself looked haunting. He came slowly down onto the other beach. He had to reach to the other side. The waves looked riskier. He had to cross the sea and reach to the opposite end of it. It was as if his next challenge was calling him with open arms. He balanced his body and swam determinedly to the other side. With so much up and down, he was feeling very hungry. In a place so secluded and aloof, this again was no less than a challenge. Now, when you’re a full time traveller, you’ve to settle and survive with anything you get to eat. There are no particular eating habits or preferences. Gulping in food becomes more a reason to survive and less a thing of preference. On the other side of island, where he had reached, there were deep, dense forests. The sky was getting dark. It was dusk already. The enigmatic sounds of some birds and insects could also be heard. In such a place, he first had to find a place of shelter and even before that, something to eat or drink. He could see long and tall coconut trees near to the beach. He climbed on one by pulling his body back taking each step  gently, first with his hands and then with his feet. He pulled one coconut, plucked it from the tree and threw it on the ground. He jumped down again spending some more calories of his energy that were left. He had his knife in the bag that was hanging on his back. He swiftly opened the coconut top and drank the whole water in one go as if it was just equal to a drop. Then, he moved inside the depth of the forest to find a shelter or to make one. He collected the palm leaves, the wooden strands and hollow bamboo sticks. He tied a rope between the two trees in the shape of almost a rhombus. He used the palm leaves and bamboo sticks to make a comfortable bed for himself. After this, he went again to the beachside, to collect some sea food for himself. He obviously didn’t have a fishing rod, so he made one by using the bamboo stick and a left piece of rubber tyre. He got two fishes and a crab for his combined meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner. He used the wooden strands and his lighter to cook the food. It seemed that he enjoyed eating it. He woke up in the morning. It was broad daylight. He had slept well in this remote forest with the veritable scary noises. Now, it was time to take leave of the place and the adventures that it had to offer. It was that time of the day when the sharks in the water could be seen prancing on the surface. To prevent himself from a shark bite, Bear made a water proof and floatable structure by making a web of bamboo sticks and tying them with a thread or a rope. He stood on the structure and with the help of a thin log of wood, he directed the structure to the other end of the sea. He safely finished off with his expedition!


The man had successfully encountered the wild and the wilderness without complaining or getting panicked. The show is no doubt wonderful and spectacular. Besides, you get to learn new things like this episode taught how to climb the coconut tree or how to keep up the equilibrium of the body in deep open sea.  You get to know one of the most intelligent ideas, if in case you actually get into such a circumstance; you know which one to implement.

A voyage into silence

A voyage into silence

I felt as if the world has gone numb. There was no one around.  It felt as if everything was dead, something that you call as a pin-drop silence. No commotion, no sounds. I was into a totally different world that was far far away from the traffic snarls, sonorous honking, useless argumenting where each one is proving that I am right and you’re wrong. It felt as if I really needed to be here where I could even feel my breath. I could hear the sounds playing in my mind of a song I heard lately. The place seemed to be inviting as if asking me to delve into it more and more. I didn’t want to come out of this piece of peace. I never wanted the length and breadth of it to end, but no.. it had to end. As soon as the bell rang, I had crossed the full length of the pool and I was out again into the usual world. Swimming had given me the much needed break. The voyage was satisfactory and tempting.


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Just need a hand to hold!

Just need a hand to hold!

I don’t know whether I just need a hand to hold,

or whether I am just enough for myself.


I don’t know whether I long for someone like me,

or I long for being with my own self.


I’ve waited for long but whom am I waiting for?

Is it the one who’s hiding behind the mirror or one who dosent exist.


I don’t know whether my lover is on the other side,

or I just need a companion.


this longingness, this loneliness,

is a companion for now.


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I got to go, she said in that gentle manner she usually says. He had come to know quite early about her manner and behavior. He saw her from behind and kept looking at her like that. He had met so many girls in his lifetime, but Kiara had something special about her, something that Andrew could not explain but still was pulled towards her by the string of attraction. The only old thing was that that Andrew had had this feeling many a times. It was not the first time that Andrew was finding someone who is different from others, the feeling that he had not met someone like the particular girl he was getting attracted to in his lifetime and Kiara was no different. She was just a sweet student of Ryan High School. Not so popular, not so social, just a short heighted introvert girl. Andrew was four years older to her and this was the second time he was meeting Kiara as it was her second day to the guitar class. Andrew was not new to the guitar class. He had been learning guitar for about three months now but he still couldn’t play that well. Each time he would start playing a song and some or the other note would go wrong just ruining the beauty of the song. Andrew had got tired of everything that he did. Each time he tried and each time he failed. No one thought him capable of anything anymore. His reputation among his friends, among his neighbors, among his relatives was ruining day by day. He therefore started involving himself in so many things in  the hope that he may be able to do at least one of them with precision. He had failed in the very first year of his college. He had got nothing except disrespect from his family and friends because of his failure. He couldn’t sleep at nights. He couldn’t work at day. He failed to make a single girlfriend due to his reputation while most of them had found their first love and for some of them it was just a casual affair. They didn’t mind changing girlfriends. Even girls did not settle for one prince charming. They wanted more variety. He maintained his diary where he wrote about each and every happening and incident. But, later he tore it off and burned it. He couldn’t deal with the trauma of failure but he had to do something about it. Besides the guitar, he was also learning a new language and was also learning swimming. He had his whole day packed in classes. He would attend one class, then another, then another. The hours in between of it passed in commuting from one class to another. His Spanish class was at the other end of the city. Swimming class  was near to his home and the guitar class at the other end. He was not doing college anymore. He had dropped out from the course he was doing as he was least interested in pursuing it and then failing it in the first year had further led him to quit it rather than suffering from the guilt of not being able to pass. Under confidence had taken its toll. Even talking to a person would make him think that he or she will not find him good. But he never thought of ending his life though his life had come to a perpetual end where he had gone aimless of what he was doing and why he was doing. He would just think and hope for the good days to come. Kiara also seemed somebody or someone who would just go out of his life without ever entering in it and he would keep looking at her. He would have no one and he would be a nobody or may be not. Is he still doing right by doing multiple things or he needs to think of something else when he has already failed in one, the one he just took without any reason though he knew he was weak at the subject. It was a course in maths. Now the maths of his life is aimless.



There’s always this dilemma,

of being the best,

the nicest,

or just not caring about it anymore,

to just be reckless.


The introspection and scrutiny,

of what is there and what is not,

What is it that I deserved a lot,

and what I actually got,

and then keeping my fingers crossed.


The perfect coffee,

the perfect kiss,

the best poem,

the masterpiece,

Is it what it actually is?


A blend of stress,

and distress,

a taste of under confidence,

of not succeeding,

with flying colors.


A sense of drowning,

or burning,

of falling,

of failing,

of crying,


And then remembering,

the past failures,

the past successes,

the challenges crossed,

asking again Am I PERFECT?


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Simple living, high thinking

Rapine, avarice, expense, This is idolatry; and these we adore; Plain living and high thinking are no more. Life devoid of enough sleep, laughter, happiness and extreme satisfaction is something which each one of us is leading. In today’s world finding time for yourself is a thing of the past. People are having luxuries unlimited that come in latest modern gadgets like cell phones, laptops, plasma TVs, comfortable household gadgets, modern luxuries apartments, club memberships etc. Anything new in the market is bound to be with the consumer. Inspired of all these facilities, the common man has no time to devour these luxuries which he spends with his hard earned money. The trauma does not end here. He also takes perks like hospital expenditure with the fat income he earns. The amount of miseries he faces stand nowhere in front of the salary he acquires. And he is lacking simple living and high thinking. Human mind thinks intermittently and it cannot be idle. Thoughts flow in it incessantly. Thinking is a process. Both good thoughts or positive thoughts and bad thoughts or negative thoughts come to our mind. Allow noble thoughts or good thoughts occupy our mind, which give scope for high thinking.The names of Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Madame Currie, Carlos Marx, Lenin and Mao Tse Tung and numerous others flash in our mind as soon as we think of this ideal simple living and high thinking. Social workers are the other people who come under the garb of simple living and high thinking. Here also most of them lead artificial life. Though they are supposed to think and work for the welfare of society without any remuneration selflessly, a few among them follow the suit Majority of politicians wear simple attire just to give an impression to the general public that they are leading a simple life. They mingle with poor people too until they grow up in stature. Politicians deliver speeches in which they always mention about development of country, eradication of poverty, welfare schemes etc. They pose themselves as persons who work day and night for the uplift of downtrodden. Once Mahatma Gandhi visited his Kausani ashram where he wrote the Anashakta Yoga. I realised he had been moved by the mighty Himalayas and had become an inspiration for us, in his courage, his steadfast love for entire humanity and his apparent obtuseness which sometimes exasperated both Nehru and Patel. But greatness and courage consists in admitting one’s mistakes and he had said, ‘I would not have freedom which does not permit me to make mistakes’. He knew that the rich should live a little less luxuriously so that the poor can just live. He emphasised that the world had enough for everybody’s need but not for everybody’s greed.When we see escalating violence all around, true non-violence as Gandhiji understood it and advocated is more than ever a crying need. Human beings are superior because we can think far better than other beings. We should make use of this faculty to probe further into the real purpose of our existence and what we need to do to reach our goals. In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present




FAQAT movie review

FAQAT movie review

Faqat, an age gap short movie directed by Nisha Singh and starring actors:- Abhinavanand Singh as Abhinav Singh and Tanya Saihgal as Devika Sharma in the lead roles highlight its uniqueness by the age gap it depicts between the hero and the heroine, the heroine being the elder one. It is still not common that a guy falls in love with a girl who is elder to her or is more in age than her. Either the girl is younger than the guy or Is equal to his age. And here we are just talking about the biological age and not the mental age as that may vary among people of same ages as well.

faqat 1





Faqat highlights the changing relationship scenario in the present times when the youngsters do not give much heed to the age saying “Age is just a number” These days it doesn’t matter whether the guy is older or the girl is or if the guy is younger or the girl is. We’ve so many examples in front of us where the girl is elder to the guy and they are either happily married or are happily together in a relationship. We can take the example of the famous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan where Aishwarya is elder to Abhishek by two years and there are other couples as well such as the famous singer Shakira and Gerard Pique who have an age difference of ten years and have been together since 2010. They also have two sons. Hugh Jackman, an Australian actor, producer and musician is married since 1996 to Deborra Lee Furness who is twelve years older to him and they also have two kids. The whole notion regarding the expected and acceptable age gaps is creating all the difference in today’s relationship scenario. The woman being the elder one is no more seen as a matter of shame or something to be embarrassed about. Men are choosing elder female partners willingly because ‘love sees no age’.



Faqat is a very innocent and sweet story about Abhinav and Devika who are worlds apart, are unknown to each other but fate makes them meet just with a slight accident. As it is said that the most unplanned and unpredictable moments sometimes become the best moments of our lives. Abhinav who is a twenty-five year old guy and is trying for getting into a job has lost hope in the concept of love as he has been deceived in love and relationships time and again and Devika who is thirty-five years old, is separated and is a successful owner of a firm believes in going ahead and working hard. That moment when the accident between Devika and Abhinav happen,Devika has some folders in her hands  that fall off with their collision. But, Devika doesn’t realize that time that one of her folders has been left with Abhinav and the remaining ones she has brought with her to the office which seems to be just something happening by chance.  All the things in the story are a result of mere coincidence. Abhinav who was actually going for an interview for a job decides to leave the interview and return the folder to Devika. Coincidentally, the name of her firm is also written on the folder and therefore it poses no problem for Abhinav to reach to Devika’s office. Though, he asks the receptionist to meet Devika urgently but could not meet her as she’s busy in a meeting. So he leaves her folder at the reception to be given to Devika. The one thing which is really not practical on the part of Abhinav is that he’s someone who has stopped believing in love. But, he still decides to miss his interview for a girl he has just had a glimpse of and had found her beautiful and her name adorable. Though, the story is a sweet take on the age gap but not a pragmatic one. The viewer is made to believe that all parts of the story are fictional and hold nothing to the real facts. When the meeting gets over and Devika looks at the folder returned by the same guy whom she had collided with in the morning, she feels pleased and decides to thank him. In the next scene, we see Devika knocking the door of Abhinav’s house where his friend is scolding him that he again missed the interview and this time because of an unknown girl, just to return her folders to which Abhinav gives a coy smirk. But, Abhinav and Devika have still not met each other. Its Abhinav’s friend, Naman played by Naman Kumar who opens the door and after looking at Devika, he poses himself to be Abhinav not letting the actual Abhinav know who is on the door. But, Devika coming all the way just to thank Abhinav comes over as a surprise both for the viewers and Abhinav himself as this is least expected. Abhinav thinks that he may never get to meet Devika again, but here she is knocking at the door of his house. Well, we never come to know how she got to know about Abhinav’s address. Naman has to go somewhere so he takes leave of Devika and goes. As soon as Abhinav gets to see Devika, he asks her to enter the house and she shyly does. She comes to know that now she’s talking to the actual Abhinav as Naman didn’t look to her as the same man she had collided with. The blush on Abhinav’s face and the latent excitement is quite visible. Devika’s expressions signify the same as Abhinav’s. Somewhere she also wanted to meet him. And then the usual talks “How did you get to know about my house?” “What made you come here?” For a moment I felt I’ve been taken back to the black-and-white cinema days where the hero and the heroine are not even able to look straight into each other’s eyes and are just blushing incessantly. Devika tells Abhinav that she has come to acknowledge his effort of coming all the way to her office and returning her folder. Now, this could have been the end. Abhinav and Devika collided in the morning. Abhinav went to Devika’s office to return her folder. Now Devika has come all the way to Abhinav’s place to say ‘Thank-you’. But, they actually keep on talking about other things and the focus of the camera goes far and distant and the doors close. The sudden attraction turning into love, maybe! In the background is the beautiful song ‘ I’m a little younger’ sung by Aniket Dhingra in his sturdy and soulful voice as if cheering the protagonists to go ahead with their love story.



With some slight unusual twist and turns that we call as a coincidence, Faqat is seen to be overall as a good take on the age gap love.


You can click on the link below to watch the short film.



The doom comes soon,

each time,

finishing the spright lapse,

asking us to wish for more.


We compound ourselves,

to the contrasting change,

yet again,

inevitably letting it go off our hands


As students,

we let the enjoyment,

go to hell,

to welcome the examinations.


At the same time,

we wish for exams,

to go to exile,

or let us go to one.


Let us loiter,

as sloths,

permitting us to,

be mavericks.