Bearing the weight of embryo,
For months.

Embracing the tiny creature,
With heartful grace.

Milching the part of her,
With all the purity of love.

With every bone and muscle taking shape,
With teeth slowly growing,
And every small attempt at taking a step,
She’s the most impressed.

With that smiling face,
She encounters all hardships,
To make her toddler smile.

Without expectation,
She cares and loves.

From a toddler to a child,
She watches him grow.

Now the school time,
And he has to go.

Becoming his home tutor,
Teaching him beyond what has been taught,
Because charity begins at home.

Becoming a cook,
She prepares his favorite dishes,
Her ingredient, fathomless love.

She makes him,
What he is,
Born out of her, carved by the same.

Instilling the maturity and wisdom,
The transition,
From a child to a man.

At every phase,
Every step,
The mother is to be praised

With perseverance,
And patience,
She makes him somehow,
What he is now.

She expects nothing,
Just Plain love,
And that’s the acknowledgement to her!!



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