Thoughts. Thoughts just come to him of last night lovemaking, of last week’s late night candlelight dinner, of that pleasing hug, of that rainy day spent together sipping hot coffee. He just lovingly puts his hand over her face in a gentle manner. He looks at her eyes and her smiling innocent face.

But, the call of duty makes him take a resignation from her. His friends are calling him from behind to be vigilant as their is a possibility that the enemies may attack or may try to subjugate their troops by throwing dynamite like the last time or they may prove to be riskier this time. He needs to save his nation, his mulk. Every citizen needs to be saved or the situation can turn into a massive war. He needs to stand with his team with all the courage.

A tear trickles down his eye, he slides his hand on her photograph not knowing if he’ll be meeting her again. The beautiful memories are kept again in the bag. He is on duty.


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