Month: February 2016

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Here comes a ‘SUNDAY’


The wheel of time goes by,
Treading stealthily,
Coming yet again with the much awaited stance,
The golden moment,
Of 24 hours,
Helping us,
To forget and forego,
The previous six,
To let all the duties,
Take a backseat,
To have a moment of thrill,
Or to take a chill pill,
And also,
Giving the warning,
Of the future six,
As if laughing on us,
To see us,
As the servants of time,
And in our boundations,
Yet again,
Asking us to again scratch our brains,
And to ask for no more gains.
Sundays are like a boon in hell,
To bring us out of the usual shell!

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She will be loved..


Getting pregnant,

with her,

instilling the addictive sense,

the incense, the aura,

the touch of an instance..

the smile of the heart,

the embers of the burning feeling,

the flairs of the charm,

creating a sweet, beautiful harm.


Caressing her,

like a baby,

making it to communicate,

to express,

the unexpressable,

and a few more kisses,

taking them into a fuelling retardedness,

but keeping it slow,

relishing each word of the world.


The euphony,

the intonation,

the literary stance,

the hugeness of it,

lying there,

in the hands,

inspired by the utter romance,

its the poetry,

and… she will be loved!




Let me hide a little more…

images.jpgLet me hold the curtain,

let me shut the windows,

let me bang the doors,

let me hold the blanket!


Wrapp’d in them,

I wanna go close,

closer to myself.

searching for love!


My narcissistic obsession calls me,

from everywhere,

to stop.

to enjoy the lonely frenzy!


The monotonic plastic smile,

that ‘un’genuine laughter,

that seems genuine.

to throw it away!


I wanna play with my shadows,

I wanna break the mirror,

and see myself through it.

giving a freedom to my dwelling tears!


Don’t try to hold my hand,

don’t show me the world,

don’t give me a tempting.

let me crucifix my importance with myself!


Let me be a little more selfish,

A little more savage,

to enjoy my latent fetish.

Let me hide a little more!