Be what you want to be,

Leave back the dead ends of past,

Grow from your weaknesses,

Don’t show your tears,

to the world.

Write what you feel,

Is right and necessary,

What people like to read,

Suck the force,

Do good painstaking works.

Be great to a point,

Don’t take pride to oblivion,

Do the art,

That world appreciates,

But what you love.

Run to win,

Saunter to lose,

Laugh to rub agony,

Be strong at heart,

And will.

Influence others,

Inspire others,

Construct the wings,

Of the size you want,

But rule nicely.

Just see the waterfalls,

But don’t always believe,

It’s good to slip,

Over spilled milk,

Than on butter.

Know your close,

And closet,

And close yourself,

To the rest,

Also, conceive and curtail.

Here you go,

Be what you want to be,

There’re boundless improvements,

to see,

and to the sea.

Grow finely,

But finally,

Clear this exam,

And result is,

What you’ll see.



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