Oh!no. You tickle me but don’t put that needle in my skin. It hurts! It really does! I can’t bear the pain of a syringe in my skin everyday, after every minute and the worst part…You leave a mark, a  red mark and you so much like the red color that you wanna gulp it, as much as you can leaving a red mark behind and yeah, I know it’s not a pimple.  It’s because of you. You’ll never realize but red spots don’t look beautiful over my skin or anyone else’s. And, why can’t you be just lazy like us? Why do you want to do a job for which you are not even paid? Why? I know the red is your lifeline but your lifeline will dwindle the red in our bodies which is our lifeline and now please don’t say that it’s your birthright. Why can’t you just drink water like us? Why blood? You proliferate in stenches, sewers, stagnant water and you know, you’re no less than any terrorist. You tickle, you prick, you gulp what you think is your right and then fly with pleasure but you don’t stop irritating us and making us struggle, diverting our attentions or rather seeking our attentions while we’re doing any damn task. And, you’ve so well increased your market value over the years that we’ve stopped using lotions for a soft, supple skin. We better apply ‘Odomos’ to it. We spray Mortien and a Baygon instead of an air freshner and yeah, even Hit too. The name suits..’Hit’ .You’re terrorising because you spread Malaria, Chikangunia, Dengue. People have started to use anti- mosquito products because of your terror. But, you know, we’re good good humans, what we get, we give back too. We leave almost no stone unturned to terrorize you in turn and by the way, you’re so tiny, you better stay away but I know you won’t abide by this. You’re not scared of your size. We,ve stopped to play with shuttle cocks these days. Well, that’s all because of your witty way to seek attention in the market. Even racquets are put to your service. It seems as if we’re having a war, where you’re our opponents. Our weapons are these racquets and yours you already know..your sting and we both are war- mongers..isn’t it? What a shame? We do war with micro beings. But, we know, you’ll never take the blame and you’ll keep on making us struggle with your attention seeking ways. Now, what should I say, I love attention- seeking things?


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