There’s a black candle,

With a white thread,

At it’s head,

That’s burning

With light

Shoning white.

I sit observing at it

And zoom my view at the portion lit.

I see people ,

All happy and gay,

In a perfect harmony

Their clothes are smiles,

And their bodies true,

There’s a pink hue

Where, the sun’s reflection,

Is eternal,

Strong and unbreakable,

are its rays

and under it,

its siblings it lays

that are weaved

in a sinewy relation

infragile and loving!!

At the end of this light,

I see the black plight

Where there’s no beauty,

Where deception is a duty,

Where honesty dosen’t exist,

And infighting persists,

Where the dark,

Is darker than the night.

Where crime is a virtue,

And weapons are like flowers.

Where the key to salvation,

Lies in the sin,

And lies are their grins!!

Heaven and Hell!!


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