We always yearn for looking beautiful. Don’t we? We put over lots of makeup, we wear that favourite branded dress, those danglers, the stelatoes, the mascara, the eye shadow…..and what not Why? Just to have a deep glimpse of our beauty in the mirror? Yes, right. But, what’s the real need of that? So that wherever we go, people would look at us with awe and say” oh, she looks beautiful.” Or “ He is looking handsome/ smart.” And, say, there’s one who enters in with messy hair, minimal style just for the sake of dressing up and not to catch the ’ OMG, she looks so beautiful’ looks from the people. Of course, very few bother to look at her and there’re few who are going  by themselves to talk to her. But, whosoever talks of her says that” She’s a dame, a well- mannered lady.”And then more people go to talk with her because what they’re mainly attracted to her is her nature that is beautiful and not her looks and though the question of looks dosen’t even arise when she is the topic of talks because she dosen’t need looks to beautify herself. She dosen’t need a mask that is beguiling to woo people around her.

What goes on in defining the deep meaning of a mirror is your reflection, not in the sense only the outer, external one but the insidious , latent one too that we can see or feel in the kind of similarities with the people we’re attached to or associated to. Has one ever gone into wondering that why we are with people whom we’re with? What is the reason behind that? It’s because the people we’re with are like us in some or the other manner and therefore, we actually come in terms of knowing our own self when we meet such people. We know that we’ve this or that quality or weakness only because we’re associated with similar people. Whether we realise this or not but we’re always attached with our mirrors or not merely mirrors but it’s reflections. This notion and perspective of a mirror may seem to be futile but this is the only true picture, sketch, portrait, or whatever synonymous word one may use for it of a mirror!

I’ll conclude by saying that mirrors are for the ones who are materialistic but their reflections are the actual facade of our beauty. So, next time you see yourself in a mirror, don’t let the truth hide and see it inside and ask yourself’ Do  I really need a mirror to see myself?”



  1. Just loved the way you described how we try to know ourselves and see ourselves in the persons whom we’re with..
    I loved reading it! 😃


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