Staying positive- in and out

Staying positive- in and out

These days, a lot of mental health problems have become common with a lot of people and more and more people are consulting therapists, counsellors and life coaches to sort out their lives. Our lives have become no less than a conundrum, an unending maze to which we’ve no rescue. The more happy we look on social media, the reality is just the opposite of that for most of us. And so, this has become the need of the hour to express oneself and be real with our problems, to speak out what’s there and healing things with a positive approach. Even if you’re not the one who feels depressed or feels low frequently, you can still abide by these tacts to help you improve your life and de-stress in your daily routine. Though, I am no certified life- coach, thrapist or counsellor but I’ve learned some things from my life itself and that has helped me in more than one ways to stay positive and stay grounded. Optimism is the key to a happy life. 🙂

  1. Writing your thoughts down :-  Sometimes, when we’re with our own selves and we don’t feel like sharing ourselves with anyone else, the best way is to write and eek out what’s there. Sometimes just writing it out takes a lot of burden off your head, be it something that happened in the office or be it a small fight with your parents at home or a tiff with your partner, writing does help to clear our minds and also you can write your own problems and the possible and feasible solutions for them. That’ll save you from so much mess that is going on in your head.writing down thoughts
  2. Meditating:- Believe it or not, all our lives, we keep thriving for peace but what we do is that we wake up, go to our respective jobs, perform errands and sleep. All our lives just get wasted in a vacuum leaving us with no quality time and no introspection time for ourselves. What is more important than money is the peace of mind. Even if we take out just 10 minutes from our daily life for ourselves, we would be at peace most of the day with everyone and most importantly with our own selves.                                                                                                                                          meditation
  3.  K.M.S:- If you don’t know K.M.S or have never heard it let me tell you, it’s the most essential mantra, tried and tested in various situations and that is ‘Keep mouth shut’. This single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble. While we’re always at loggerheads with someone or the other a lot of times and we leave no stone unturned in proving ourselves, we can cut short the burst outs of anger and a whole lot of argumentation by being silent. Silence in itself is a magic. It vanishes the chaos that surrounds you and helps you in dealing with situations in a better way and staying positive, of course.                                                                            keep mouth shut
  4. Introspection:- While I’ve already discussed this idea in the previous points, but introspection in itself is a stepping stone in making things better. It’s like you discuss with your own selves what’s good whats not, what’s beneficial and what’s harmful, what you should be doing and what you should definitely be avoiding. Introspection saves you from a lot of bewilderment and a lot of unnecessary things and of course offers you with real-time solutions.                                                                        introspection
  5. Talking it out:- While at some points, it is important to be silent, in some, it is necessary  to be vocal about how you feel about something. I’ve heard stories and even seen them in real-life where the one person keeps suffering at the cost of other and avoids to speak in order to avoid a tiff or just to save a relation from breaking and not just in this case, even if you feel that you’re being left out or not being treated as you deserve or there’s something that you’ve not discussed with your friend because he may judge you, just don’t. Talking it out and discussing things with relevant persons can help you climb another stair in sorting your life out and taking things to another better level.                                                                                          talking it out
  6. Finding your interest and following your dreams:- As cliched as it may sound, but ‘Do what your heart says’ goes a long way in clearing up the clogged traffic of your life. If you like to play guitar, go buy it and learn it, become your own superstar or if you love to dance or do some kind of entertainment, say comedy, then do it and if you like to write like me, what’s stopping you, start with A and create your own alphabets and your own write-ups and stories. The typical ‘ Zindagi na milegi dobara’ and ‘Dear zindagi’ can be your story too. You’ll be so much happier in your life if you do what you love.                                                                                                          6
  7. Making new friends:- It is said that ” To hold a Diamond you need a piece of Gold.” Similarly, you always need to keep making new friends while being in contact with the old ones. “New friends are like Diamond and old friends are like Gold.” Those who do not have any friends realise the importance of friendship. Friends are someone with whom you can unburden yourselves, share your lives with and the ones with whom you can basically enjoy.                                                                                    friendships
  8. Contributing to society:- Though, we’re always cribbing about the paucity of something or the other, we must realise the importance of what we’ve and feel blessed. If we have something that we can give to others who don’t have it, why to think twice? If we can help someone in crossing the road or give someone a piece of advice if they need it or if we can give some alms to the needy then why not.                alms to the poor

( P.S:- These are all my personal views and more points can be added to this and there may be points that you may not agree with. I am writing after a long time but this has been on my to-do list for long because I wanted to give everyone an insight of how I deal with everything and still stay positive. I hope you liked this self- help article. Let me know. 🙂 Your comments and feedback are welcome!)

Camera in prison

Camera in prison

” What have you done to your face? Oh! how beatiful you look? Have you undegone a surgery?” “Oh! well, it’s just a photograph. Do you really believe the truth capured in these snapshots? It’s nothing but just a picture printed on a glossy sheet of paper, maybe clicked with the best quality camera and then edited a hundred times to accentuate its sharpness.

No wonder, why all of us are running for the false notion of beauty?”


“I bought a new phone recently. It has a 16 MP front camera and a 32 MP back camera, dual cameras on both the sides, what a deal, isn’t it? It will help me in my photography assignments. I’ll capture the nature and wildlife in a much better way now till I get money to buy my very own DSLR.

No wonder, we want to capture the things that will pass, just like us, just like the gone time.”

” I was looking at a black and white photograph of my dead mother till my tear droplets started to precipitate and some of them fell on my one and only memory of her, her photograph. I could feel all the pain an happiness in one go. The pain, that was mine and the happiness that was hers. It was like she was trapped in a kind of prison, just smiling through it and giving me a false hope of coming out of it someday.

No wonder, photographs can’t be the real reality. They give us emotions of pain, elatedness, success, victory, triumph, prestige but those moments cease to exist the moment they’ve been captured.”


What is more powerful than a photograph is a memory as it resides inside of us. What is more fragile is a photograph because it makes us wish for things that have already gone, already passed.

Atleast memories help us relive those moments that we’ve already attended to, already spent. Atleast memories are true.

A camera has only been instrumental in giving us what is not rather than what is. It captures us, it captures you, it captures the world while the irony is that everything, everyone wants to be set free. The one who is the seer and the one who feels. Let’s keep the cameras aside and live in a hope of continuation where the present moments are spent joyfully rather than just living in a hope of its coming back.




चलो फिर चलते है एक सफर पे।
सफर एक नए दिन की ओर ,
एक नए मकसद की ओर।
आज का सफर शुरू हुआ फिर सुबह 7:30 बजे। सुबह पूरे छह बज के पंद्रह मिनट पे फ़ोन का अलार्म बजा और मैं झट से उठ गई। उठते ही ब्रश किया और नीबू और शहद का घोल पिया, नहाई धोई और फिर चल दी अपने सफर पे। रोज़ का वही सफर जो अब शायद लंबा नही लगता , बस बीत जाता है। कब पश्चिम विहार आया और कब शास्त्री पार्क ऐसे लगता है कि जैसे झट से निकल गया हो वक़्त। एक घंटा तो बस चंद मिनट ही लगता है जैसे फुर्र से आके चला गया हो।
जब मैं गाना सुनते हुए इधर उधर देखती हूं तो कुछ लोग तो वही होते है जो रोज़ दिखते है और कुछ जिन्हें पहले कभी नही देखा। कभी कभी तो अपने ही कॉलेज के लोग दिख जाते है जिनसे रोज ही मुलाकात होती है मगर मैं एक कोने में खड़ी होके देखती हूं कि वो कुछ बात कर रहे है शायद हस रहे हैं शायद कुछ मजेदार बातें चल रही हैं। कानो में गाने चल रहे होते है और आंखों से वो देखा जा रहा होता है जो आंखों देखी होती है। कभी कभी तो ऐसा भी होता है कि खयाली दुनिया जैसे फिल्म के गानों में होती है, वही अपने आकार दिखाने लगती है। वैसे खयालो की दुनिया होती तो बहुत खूबसूरत है और जब इसमे घुस जाओ तो कुछ और अच्छा ही नही लगता। इंसान कुछ पलों के लिए अपने सारे दुख दर्द जैसे भूल ही जाता है। ऐसे लगता है जैसे इस हसीन दुनिया के आगे कुछ है ही नही। और फिर सुनाई देता है कि अगला स्टेशन शास्त्री पार्क है। फिर बहुत से लडकिया काली और सफेद पोशाकों में दिखती है, और सबको छह घंटे का सफर छह महीनों का लगता है । रोज़ाना कई पतली लडकिया या छोटे कद की लड़कियां गोदी में सवार होके जाती है। मैं भी उनमें से एक हूँ। इसलिए छोटे कद का कोई खास फायदा नही होता।
हमारी अध्यापिकाओं के किस्से और हमारी पढ़ाई के बाद हम नींद से लथपथ हो जाते है लेकिन फिर एक सफर पर निकलना होता है। वापसी में तो एक ही बात सुन ने को मिलती है “यार मैं तो घर जाके सोऊंगी”। थकान से भरे हम बस मेट्रो की तरफ भागते है और सोचते है कि बस फुर्र से घर पहुच जाएं जैसे कि आज आखरी दिन हो पर सुबह फिर वही सब, हर रोज़ वही नए पुराने लोग, हर रोज़ किसी न किसी की कोई न कोई बात, हर रोज़ वही स्टेशन पर हर दिन एक नया सवेरा, एक नया दिन, बस ऐसे ही खत्म हो जाता है और फिर हम कहते है,…..अरे , इतना समय हो गया ? जैसे पता ही न हो कि समय को भी काट ही लिया।
आप बताइए आपका सफर कैसा रहा आज?
The pulled skirt

The pulled skirt



Sheena was on  her way to a friend’s party. Unlike other friends of hers, she was not the one who used to wear sequins and micro minis. She was the one who would wear palazzos and ruffled tops. She was the one who would wear pyjamas instead of knickers. She was the one who would rather wear a black bindi instead of an overdone makeup. She was simple yet elegant in her ways of dressing up and her friends loved the way she carried herself with her own sense of style. That day, she was in her favourite long skirt and her floral top. Definitely, she was carrying her look with utmost finesse and that day also, she was appreciated for her style. Her style was definitely one of a kind, one that was incomparable and unbeatable. She was with all her group of friends and this time, it was not a night party, it was an afternoon meet up with all her close friends. Ajay, her special one had also come. Deepti, her bestie and Aditya and Aditi who had been together for as long as one can imagine were also there. The vibe of the place was good. It was a good cafe cum bar in a small street of Hauz Khas. A mix of slow and fast songs were playing and all of them were enjoying with the music. What else would one want? It was a happy state of mind for Sheena and her friends. By the time, they decided to leave, it was already dark. Ajay decided to drop Sheena at her home while all others were going home by metro. Sheena also insisted on going by metro but Ajay convinced Sheena to come along with him. Sheena and Ajay were happily holding hands and listening to romantic songs while on the way to home. But Ajay took a left while Sheena’s home was on the right. Sheena asked him “What happened?” But, Ajay didn’t reply. Ajay kept silent.


It was already getting late and Sheena’s mom had already called thrice. Ajay got up from his car, went out and he wanted to gift her her favourite white rose. But, Ajay took a lot of time. Sheena’s mom had called up 5 times now and Sheena was still there. She decided to exit the car and head towards home. By the time, Ajay came up with a bunch of white roses in his hand, Sheena had already gone. Sheena was crossing the road to go to the opposite side but she didn’t reach the opposite side. Some men grabbed her by her hair while Ajay was still searching for her. The men had masks on their faces and Sheena didn’t have an exact memory of what had happened. She couldn’t recall anything. Her mom kept calling and calling, she kept getting worried but Sheena was not answering the call. What Sheena only remembered were the sharp and shrill sound of machines and the laughs of some men.

the pulled skirt


She was lying on her bed and crying incessantly, her mom kept looking at her torn and tattered skirt. She couldn’t believe what had happened because everything happened in a matter of some seconds. But… thank god, she was saved from the most shameful act. The men had almost reached there till someone came from behind and slapped them. No, it wasn’t Ajay. It was the girl’s father. The men kept trying to move their hands in order to defend them but the girl had already ran away watching everything from a distance hiding behind a wall. She felt in that moment that she won’t be able to save her father. By that time, Ajay had also reached. He had finally found her but he did not expect her like that, the shocked and scary expression on her face and her clothes like that of a tribe. Ajay ran towards the men and asked Sheena to stay where she was. Ajay couldn’t handle four men and Sheena’s father was already bleeding profusely. But, Ajay tried his best. Sheena’s father had an idea who that guy could be who was fighting from his side. Sheena couldn’t control her tears. But, at the end of the day, she came home safely and she was saved from something heinous. Sheena’s father appreciated Ajay’s efforts. Though, both of them were injured beyond measure.


Sheena took 12 months to heal while her father as well as Ajay took 12 days. Mental injuries take a longer time to heal.


Sheena was not raped. She was molested. She was saved. She was nearby her home. But, how many Sheenas are subjected to even more torture and violence? And, how many are saved?




The never- ending guilt

The never- ending guilt

I can never forget what I did to her… never. She was a grown up sweet girl. I don’t know

how both of them landed up in our bus on 16th December’2012. We all were in a mood of

fun, five of us including our youngest friend who was 17 and a half years old. I

remember each and every detail of what we did to her and her friend. I can distinctly

remember how her friend tried every bit to save her and we were in no mood to help

anyone. We were still having fun in this hour of horror.


Actually, she didn’t do anything wrong neither he did. Maybe it was our calling.  That

time, we were surrounded by some kind of neuroticism or what should I say. I distinctly

remember how all of us landed into the jail and  had to bear so much by the police by

this act of ours. I was the one who commited suicide because I was myself in shock of

what I did to her. I don’t know how much pain she must have went through. She was

bleeding profusely that day but all we could do was just laugh and make merry and of

course what we did, rape.


I don’t know whether they actually gave my fellow friends death sentence or not because

I had already gone by that time from this world. It’s been five years to my death and six

years to her death. She was gone before seeing the justice and she’s long gone. I don’t

know if justice is still given or not but I want that whatever we did was totally truly

wrong and it should not be done even once. And, stop calling her’ Nirbhaya’. Just

because, she was in such a situation where she couldn’t do anything and we were taking

advntage of her, we can’t just publicise her like that. I’m utmost guilty for what I did. I

know my guilt is not even trusted upon because I was a part of all this.


-Ram Singh


New girl in the city

New girl in the city



New girl in the city. Yes, I am  a new girl in this city of New Delhi. And you know what,

I’ve been living here since forever.It was in 1996 that I was born and its been exact 22

years and I’m still living here, in this new city with all my family and friends, with all my

near and dear ones. They’ve always been with me whenever I needed them. You know, it

isn’t easy to have a bunch of people by your side in this city. People leave you here more

often. Well, isn’t this strange? It was strange to me some years back, well, now it isn’t.

Now it’s just the same way things have been since forever.


People come and go with the flow and I’m not really writing this for anyone specific. This

is just the way I feel about this city and it’s people. You can imagine meeting so many

new people in a day but the more you are surprised by the fact is that people may not

show to you their real face. You’ll be surprised to find the real person if you ever come to

know, the person won’t even look like a real person to you.


And yeah, about this city, well what should I say? I’ve not visited every part of it but

whenever I visit and wherever I visit, I’ve to find something new there like say, a pile of

garbage like say, people crowded around an accident but they’re just around looking at

the victims as if they’re the ones unable to take action.


I’ve lived in this city like forever and mind it, I’ve given smiles to random people and felt

good about it. Helped a needy and got his blessings.


In this city, everyday is a new day. I would not say that I don’t love this city but you know

how we feel when we’ve a lump in our throat and we’re unable to speak?  And lump, not

because of some biological problem but because of things, situations and circumstances

around you. There’re things for which you’re not even able to speak up. You think of

keeping your mouth shut a better option. And how do you feel when your whole body is

aching and you can’t help but just bear the pain because even medicine takes time to

heal your ache?


Well, maybe it is like the same feeling. And, how do you feel when the first and the last

thing you rely on is no more reliable?


This is how this girl feels. This is how ‘I’ feel. ‘I’ an entity. ‘I’ an individual. I am

inadvertently a part of this city but don’t feel to be a part of it. I am a fragment of all the

people who belong here. Maybe, it can never be explained in words how alienation feels

like but this is how alienation looks like. Maybe, we just adjust. Is it we getting old? Or

the city?


Well, the city never forgets to maintain its newness isn’t it?


Always offering with a surprise or a shock.


How often do you feel like that?


Well, I am a ‘new girl in the city’.

You can always come and say a ‘hi’.

My visit to Shahpur Jat Market

My exams ended on 7th of December’2017 and I’ve been free since, though I have been doing things but I’ll discuss that later.

So, it was the first Sunday of my vacations that I went with my cousin to Shahpur Jat Market. We had made this plan even before my exams ended and of course who dosen’t have plans in the vacations post exams. So, I had a little bit idea about this market and I thought that I’ll just visit the market once but sadly the day we went there, the market was closed except there were some cafes and  some shops that were already open. Also, the shops there were mostly coutures. One who is having a wedding or something in their family, they can buy designer gowns and lehengas etc. from there. There was nothing like we thought, so me and my cousin instead went to Sarojini which was not very far from there and little did we know that we’ve come on the wrong day to Sarojini. It was a horrible experience to shop that day in Sarojini as there was too much rush. There was hardly any space to even walk. I just bought a pair of sandals from there and a necklace. My cousin bought nothing as she says that street shopping is not her cup of tea and also I really appreciate her dressing sense. She’s quite good at it. So, the day ended like that. It was a not-so-good-day but yeah, I had met my cousin after a very long time so it felt good meeting her after so long.

Also, the cafe in Shahpur Jat Market where we had lunch was amazing. It was the ‘Red Cafe’ There was a lady that we met there who told us about this cafe. If you’re really looking forward to buying designer stuff, only then go to this market otherwise, it’s a waste.

Also, here are some photos of the day that I’m sharing with you all. Hope you liked my blog. 🙂

Also, share below in the comments about your experiences of a weekend plan not turning out to be as expected. Would love to read your comments 😀



This was the cafe where we had our lunch. We ordered a thin crust vegetable pizza and two drinks. One was a chocolate milkshake and another was a mojito which was quite good. If you ever happen to visit there, do visit this cafe. The nearest metro station for reaching this market is Hauz Khas.


The pizza was as awesome as it looks. Sumptuous and delicious.


This was the necklace that I bought from Sarojini Nagar market. This necklace was for 100 bucks and looks great! 🙂


These were the slip on sandals that I bought from Bata from Sarojini Nagar Market itself. These sandals costed me 900 bucks and yeah black is my favourite colour and goes along with almost anything.


A little OOTD. I’m wearing this dress that I bought from Kamla Nagar Market for just 150 bucks and this turtleneck skeevy was given to me by my mom and I don’t remember where I bought these woolen tights from, maybe from Sarojini.. This necklace is from Forever 21. This necklace was around 600 bucks and it looks good with both Indian and western wear.The gum boots, I also bought from Kamla Nagar for 500 bucks and this purse was gifted to me by my best friend, Deepali on my previous birthday and this is me posing in front of the ‘Red Cafe’  .


There were too many graffitis in Shahpur Jat Market and this was one of them that I liked. Thanks to my cousin for clicking a photo of me in front of this graffiti.


And lastly, this was a selfie that me and my cousin clicked in the metro while going back home. And, I don’t know which effect of Snap Chat is this but yeah found it good!

Tumhari Sulu – Movie Review

Tumhari Sulu – Movie Review

So, My exams just ended day before yesterday.  Tumhari Sulu was a much awaited film that released in between my exams i.e. 17th of November. I had watched each and every trailer of the movie that was available on You Tube and even watched the released songs of the movie. Of these, I liked the song of ‘Ban Ja tu meri rani’ sung by Guru Randhawa, the most. I liked it so much that I made it my ringtone 😛

So,  day before yesterday I became a free bird and will be one for a month now. I came home, had my lunch, switched on my laptop and opened up the already downloaded movie and started watching it. Of course, I had an idea what the movie is about and what is the overall story of the movie as I had watched all the trailers and also my parents had went in between my exams to watch the movie. So, they also gave an idea about it. But, I still wanted to watch the movie and of course I had all the time to waste in the world then why not? 😛

So, the movie starts with the first scene in which Vidya Balan aka Sulochna is holding a lemon in her spoon and she is holding the spoon from her mouth and she tries to walk as fast as she can without letting the lemon fall down from her spoon. She comes second in the race. She is so much cheerful that she instead gets her photo clicked standing on the no. 1  pedestal rather than on no.2. She has been shown like a happy-go-lucky kind of person. She’s a housewife in the movie and there’s is a happy nuclear family of 3 members i.e. Sulochna herself, her husband and her only son, Pranav. Of course, if the movie is named ‘Tumhari Sulu’, so definitely she’ll be emphasised in the movie being the protagonist. So, Sulochna has been shown as a pro in doing things be it household work, be it taking care of her family, or be it winning lemon races. She is a kind of no regrets person. She is a 12th fail and has no problems about that even if her two real sisters are in a well-to-do job and she is just a homemaker. For her, every day is the day to enjoy and have fun. Though, of course, like everyone’s life, Sulu’s life is also full of twists and turns, sweet and sour, ups and downs. So, her stint with radio starts when she wins a contest in the ‘Wow radio’  and gets a pressure cooker. She confidently asks for a TV from them as the prize instead of a pressure cooker as she already has one in her home and that too of the same brand. She gets a pressure cooker only though, which she has to pick up from the radio station only. So, radio station is buzzing with people skilled in English language and smartly dressed while Sulu is just a total contradiction of these people, neither smartly dressed nor skilled in English. She gets to meet her favourite RJ also. Little did she know that she’ll be becoming one soon! She has been shown as someone who is interested in almost everything. From singing to dancing, to radio jockeying and what not. She starts just a casual conversation with one of the RJ’s there telling them about hesrelf and the long list of her interests which they’re least interested to listen to. But, the best part in the movie was the dialogue ” main kar sakti hai” which depicts her confidence. Though, she is a 12th fail, but she dosen’t let that obstruction come her way. She is always always curious and hungry to do things and there’s no doubt that she loves taking part in contests and sees another poster in the radio station only that ‘ You can also become an RJ contest’ She asks and enquires people about that contest but no one explains to her what are the requirements of being an RJ or how to become one. Even her repititive calls to the Radio station are not answered till a day or two till she gets one and is asked to visit the radio station. So ‘Maria’ played by Neha Dhupia trains her and helps her to try and speak on the mic. Though, many may have participated in the contest but Sulu is called out of all others just because of her utter curiosity and the confidence that ” main kar sakti hai” She is rather lucky in that as she is not trained or has never done any job like that instead of being a homemaker. So, of course Sulu proves to be a pro in this job also without any prior experience or training. Though, she is given a training in the radio station only and that is the only training she gets with the help of Maria and her friend and colleague, Pankaj played by Vijay Maurya. She gets a night show in the ‘wow radio’ and even her husband agrees for that. Also, because the family does not have much money, they’ll have another source of money. We people keep saying that earning money is so tough, getting a job is so tough but here we see a glimpse of mere luck playing its role with the protagonist Sulu though she later proves that she’s just perfect for this job by her outright and genuine nature. After she has got this job, there’s almost no problem in her life. Her’s becomes a smooth and happy life but soon we start to see the repurcussions of a mother doing a late night show when her husband has to serve dinner to himself and his son or his son not focussing on studies rather on things that he should not focus on in this age but he does due to peer pressure. It is, as if the whole responsibility is on the female rather than on the male that their child is not doing well in studies or the husband played by Manav kaul who is not liking her job so much and asks her to leave the job and of course her two real sisters and her father also come to tell her that she’s not doing right. Sulu being the one who leaves no stone unturned to be the best mom, best wife and best RJ is now blamed upon for everything happening. She cries to her bits and pieces when her own son, Pranav gets missing on the same night he has been suspended from school for bringing mobile phone. The whole happy- go- lucky charm of the movie takes a turn and changes the mood of both the characters as well as the viewers and later it is Sulu again stuck in the household chores and the end is that she leaves her prestigious job or in other words, has to leave her prestigious job because she has to see her family and take care of them. Now those who were not happy with her for not taking up a job are the happiest that she has left her first and last job even though she had the belief that ” main kar sakti hai”

Other than the ending, the whole movie was alright. It was fun and enetertaining with specks of sadness especially the point at which her son gets missing and writes a letter before leaving that he’s sorry for everything he did. He realises his mistake, that is the best part which usually kids don’t do. The movie didn’t have a satisfactory ending but all in all I would like to give the movie a 4/5. And yes, it’s a must- watch. So, watch the movie if you’ve not watched it yet.  🙂

The polished boot

The polished boot

Do you see those pink boots there? Get them polished and also give these clothes to the tailor. You also have to bring some groceries Tina. And, why haven’t you cleaned the first floor? It’s still dusty. You want a deduction in your salary? You know how helpless you were before this job? You had nothing in life. We’ve given you everything. Now go. What are you looking at? Go from here.

Tina, with a sad, pale face slowly went from there. She wanted to peel out the tears from her eyes but then, something stopped her. She knew that this is not the life she is going to live forever and always. She could have escaped from there but she knew what destiny held for her. For a moment, she was numb and indecisive. Fifteen year old Tina went to complete all the errands. Then, she came back home, and after handing over the things to Mrs. Vrinda, she swiftly went to her room, put on a blanket and acted like she was in a deep sleep until Mrs. Vrinda came in to check on her. Mrs. Vrinda was not always arrogant and snobbish. After all, she knew that Tina was a kid only. She didn’t disturb Tina and closed the door of her room.

Tina was only three when Aggarwal’s had found her sitting under a flyover having a torn and tattered boot in her hand. Mr. Aggarwal distinctly remembered that he had a similar shoe. Well, that is  just a coincidence or not even that. Someone can have a similar shoe. But, what striked Mr. Aggarwal was the exceptional lustre of the shoe even though it was in such a condition. Mr. Aggarwal thought of going to the girl and asking her about the boot but the red light had turned green by that time. Also, Tina was not the only one in the whole city who lived under a flyover. There were many others. After a week, Mr. Aggarwal again saw the girl sitting under the flyover holding that lustrous boot. He finally parked his car in the side and got off. He asked the girl about the shoe but she didn’t utter a word. She kept looking at the man with tender eyes. Mr. Aggarwal was an exceptionally kind person. For once, he thought that he should take the girl to the nearby NGO who take care of left out children, orphans etc. But then, he suddenly changed his plan. He took the girl to his house instead. Mrs. Vrinda was not liking the idea that Mr. Aggarwal brought some roadside girl to home. The girl didn’t utter anything out of her mouth. She didn’t even know her name. So, they kept her name’ Tina’. Mr. Aggarwal said that she would be staying for some days and then he’ll take her to the nearby NGO. The girl looked at both of them and started crying. Both Mr. and Mrs. Aggarwal couldn’t understand why Tina started crying but it seemed that she wanted to live in the home only. Days, months and years passed and Tina became the official servant of Aggarwal family. Mr. Aggarwal would always say that he would take Tina to the NGO but he never did. Mrs. Vrinda had of course got someone as her helping aid for  her home and she made full use of it. However rudely Mrs. Vrinda behaved with her, Tina still did the work as designated by her. Mrs. Vrinda had also noticed the shiny torn and tattered boot in Tina’s hand but never asked anything about it. Only Tina had the secret to it. Tina is fifteen now and the special boot is still kept in her room. It is the boot that has given her all the strength and power to face whatever she has faced. The boot has some special powers that gives the strength to Tina and also foretells the next moment of her life. That’s why Tina knows that even if she can escape, she has her destiny polished in the shoe. She had got this shoe from her mother when she was just an infant. When Mr. Aggarwal had spotted her under the flyover, her mother had already died a year back in a road accident. Tina has a partial memory of the incident but she has still kept this shoe with her in the memory of her mother that still shines the same. It is as if Tina’s destiny was gifted to her by her dead mother. She waits for the time when she will see the light of the day and experience the freedom that the boot foretells.

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Trip to Vaishno Devi

Trip to Vaishno Devi

So this was one of my usual yearly trips. It was the last day of  my college exams and also the last day of  my college. Though it was hard to leave college as I couldn’t believe these three years had passed so swiftly. But, as the saying goes, “To gain something, something else has to be sacrificed.” So there was this nostalgic feeling like the one I had when I left school. There was this excitement to do another course and also the sad- sad feeling of leaving college. My mother had already booked the tickets for Vaishno Devi, the religious locale of Jammu & Kashmir. I was nervous for my last test and melancholic for the last day of college and I had zero excitement for going to Vaishno Devi. Only when my exam went well, and I had bid a goodbye to my close friends and classmates did I feel excited about the trip. This time only three of us were going, my mom, my younger brother and me. There was another friend of my mom and her son who accompanied us. I thought that I’ll get bored because mom will be busy talking to her friend and my brother will be busy talking to his friend as there was no one of my age but me being a chirpy being and all others involving in a good conversation, it was rather easy to mix up.

So, it was 5:30 in the evening when we had to board the Shiv Shakti Express from New Delhi Railway Station. My father had come to drop us there. This time we had to travel in a three-tier AC  instead of our usual two-tier AC . My mom’s friend and her son came in a little late. The train was about to leave the station. The station as usual was not very clean and tidy. The usual hustle bustle, garbage strewn everywhere, people spitting tobacco and some others using foul language. And also, people carrying their colorful luggage with the utmost hurry. There were some people changing platforms while some others waiting endlessly for the train to come.


We reached at 5 in the morning to Katra. This was the first time we were travelling to Katra instead of Jammu Tawi. Katra is the new station that has been built up in order to reduce the distance from where the devotees start their journey towards the Bhawan where the temple of Vaishno Mata is built. Unlike New Delhi Railway Staion, Katra Station was impeccably neat and clean and there was no hustle bustle there. The serene mountains were clearly visible in the light of dawn.


We had booked the dormitory of shrine board at Katra where we took rest and got ready. We had the best and lightest breakfast of tea and bread butter from a roadside vendor. After this, we took an auto from where we had to start walking towards the Bhawan and cover 13 km by foot. We started at 8 in the morning and reached the Bhawan at 2 in the afternoon. We were of course tired but this long climbing on the rocks was enjoyable as well. We kept having something to eat or drink in between and there were resting places made on the way. Bhojanalyas were quite a trend there. After every other mile there was a bhojanalya where kadhi chawal and rajma chawal were served along with a variety of soft drinks to choose from.


So, these were the usual bhojanalyas that we found on the way. Other than this, there was Cafe Coffee Day at various points. We also had a chilled cold coffee along with some snacks from there.


But, all this eating spree was when we had climbed a few miles. The very first thing that we saw was this welcome point also known as Banganga from where we started walking.


The first temple when we started walking was Charanpaduka where it is believed that Vaishno Mata first put her feet.


With the slogans of ” Jai Mata Di”, we climbed to Bhawan with all our strength and energy. We had a room booked at Vaishnavi Bhawan from where the clear view of ‘Mata ka Bhawan’ was visible.


The view was scenic as well.


This was the view of the mountains when we woke up early morning and encountered this view from our room balcony.


And, this is me standing in the balcony, looking back and not wanting to be clicked! 😛

But, this is the view of the next day when we had already had darshan of Vaishno Mata and also Bhairon Baba the day before. It was cloudy that day and it rained heavily as well. There were hailstorms. We were standing in the queue but the queue was under the shed so we didn’t get wet in the rains. And, as soon as our chance to enter the temple came, the hailstorms had already stopped. How lucky we were as if Mata was constantly taking care of us. Also, when we went to Bhairon Baba, we were again lucky because as soon as we reached there, and we had had darshan of the temple of Bhairon Baba, the gates were closed for the aarti. So those devotees, who came in late, had to wait for another hour and half. I don’t have much photos of the inside of the temples of Bhairon Baba and Vaishno Mata as photography was prohibited there and also because of too much rush and hustle bustle. As vacations are going on these days, there were many devotees out there. But, this was one of the photos of a cloudy sunset that I clicked after reaching Bhairon Baba.


So, the next day, we started to climb down the mountains. We even had a booking in Adhukuwari which is halfway to the Bhawan for the darshan of an ancient cave for devotees to see. Because of a lot of rush and plethora of devotees, our chance didn’t come, even though we waited for long there. We just visited the ancient temple there and started climbing down. We had a little of healthy food also like this fresh cucumber. It tasted really well. Such a taste of cucumbers is not there at home. There was something special about them.


On the way, we clicked a lot of photos and this was one of them where I got clicked with a donkey. 😛


When we were about to reach to the foothills, i.e. Katra, we encountered this shop where a man was writing names on keyrings through his calligraphy pen. Each key ring costed us for some 25 Rupees after getting the name written. We bought some 10 key rings from that man.



And, this was one of the photos I clicked with my mom and yes, I can’t deny that we do look like sisters. Getting confused about who is the mother and who is the daughter is natural. 😛


Also, I had noticed something funny after climbing down to Katra from where we had to take an auto.


You can see how passionately the Cow is enjoying her food. 😛

When we had climbed down thirteen long kilometres, we just had lunch at Katra at one of the famous restaurants there ‘Jewel’s’. It is reasonable and it has all the variety of all types of foods:-  North Indian, South Indian, Chinese etc. It even has a variety of desserts and soft drinks to choose from. Ranging from Ice- cream sodas to lemonade and pepsi as well. And also, Gulabjamuns and Halwas, Burfis etc. There was everything. And all of us were super hungry, so we had a lots of food to grab. The same day, we had our train in the evening. We boarded the train at 7:30 in the evening and we reached New Delhi at 6:50 in the morning. We booked our cabs and reached home in about an hour. Though, it was what everyone does on a trip, but it was still special, atleatst for me, as I had last visited Vaishno Devi when I had given my board exams in 12th and now I had gone there after giving my college exams. It was tiring yes, but it was a sweet and lovely trip that gave me an instant break after my final exams in college. 🙂


So, these were the five of us who rocked this trip.  This is one of the decent selfies that we clicked. 😛

If you’ve some good memories or anything to tell from your last trip, you can tell in the comments section below. Because, Life in itself is a trip full of beautiful and fond memories. 🙂